Image Analysis & Reporting services

BMI AB offer an expert analysis service that consistently delivers quality and value to your business!

The following services apply in particular to imaging studies and covers the modalities, X-ray, CT, MRI (including hyperpolarized MR), US (including IVUS, Doppler and echo), PET (including scintigraphy, DEXA) based imaging of cardiothoracic, neuro, solid tumor and joint imaging areas.


For bio-pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers:

·         Visual scoring and radiology review for phenotype characterization and qualitative scoring

·         Support for statistical interpretation and reporting of imaging clinical trials

For hospitals and radiology centers:

·         Radiology reporting and clinical diagnostic reporting of imaging findings

For pathology labs:

·         Annotation of pathology images for key pathological findings

·         Visual scoring of pathology images by board certified pathologists

·         Software based quantification for pathology images

BMI Quality

BMI AB has contracts with radiologists in a broad range of disease areas. We can provide a list of selected radiologists for the client to select. BMI AB will ensure continuous and appropriate training and provide necessary hardware and software for doing scoring and image review. Scoring results can be collected through eCRFs. For software based quantification appropriate software tools will be licensed.

BMI AB maintains quality through 

·         Metrics to select radiologists

·         Extensive training in the imaging endpoint to be scored

·         Hardware, software and network are fully compliant with 21 CFR 11 and ER/ES

·         All personnel involved in handling patient data have training in GCP, IHC and other regulatory frameworks.

Appropriate SOPs are used for image studies and also for corporate governance


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