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The BMI AB technical offering is based around a solution for image management and image archiving (e.g. biomedical images). The solution has been co-developed with a Top 5 pharmaceutical company and originally was focused on biomedical images but was developed to be a general solution for image management.  Among the users today we have both big pharma and the health care industry. 

This solution has three main properties that make it unique in the market, making it possible to act as an archive that is …

1. Vendor neutral

2. Modality neutral

3. Location neutral

A Vendor Neutral Archive is not specifically associated with any instrument vendor, e.g. a PACS vendor for a radiology department and a specific modality etc. Our solution removes the dependency of the instrument vendors in any imaging area, giving you an infrastructure where vendors and instruments can be replaced without major migration costs or risk of losing the image asset, as well as making it possible for an enterprise to manage all its images in one solution while allowing access across the enterprise.   

A Modality Neutral Archive can handle any modality i.e. any method for acquiring the image and any format that this image is saved in, including proprietary and legacy formats. Our solution removes the need for separate solutions for specific instruments and formats, and thus making it possible for an enterprise to manage all its image assets in one solution while allowing access across the enterprise.

A Location Neutral Archive acts as a hub for a global network of image producers and image consumers, no matter where theses producers/consumers are located around the globe. Our solution is built to handle all the necessary communication between producers/consumers in a fully secure and efficient way.

Industry Examples

Below are some examples of how these properties can solve real problems for today’s enterprises in a broad range of industries.


Health Care Provider: Imaging Infrastructure

Problem:  Increasing amounts of images are generated digitally within healthcare organizations. There are normally a wide variety of systems that generate image data, depending on department and disease area. The lack of interoperability between these systems is a major bottleneck.


Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) are traditionally designed and deployed to serve a single department and lack connectivity to other PACS. In addition, use of multiple PACS often means numerous vendors are involved, resulting in challenges sharing data which, in turn, can impact the flow of information. This complex storage environment is ultimately costly to maintain, difficult to replace and means that you are dependent on your PACS vendors.

Solution: The health care provider installs the archiving solution from BMI AB that gives them one single point to store and archive all their images from all their PACS systems independent of modality or department

Benefits: The BMI Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution can help you consolidate and manage your storage environment, while providing enterprise wide access to all medical images and other electronic medical records, minimizing IT complexity and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Pharmaceutical industry: Image asset management


Problem:  The Company PharmaX is increasing their use of imaging in their Clinical Trials across all their therapeutic areas.  Images are often stored either externally at the imaging CROs that have been supporting PharmaX in their different studies, or in-house at different file shares across the company or even at the desktops of individual employees.

Solution: PharmaX installs the archiving solution from BMI AB that gives them one single point to store all their images from all their studies independent of modality or disease area.

Benefit:  The benefits from this are several. First it gives PharmaX full control over their image assets and secondly it gives them the benefit of being able to re-use their images for further science.  Scientists are able to combine image material from several studies and across different modalities and even across disease areas, greatly improving the value of their image assets to science and to PharmaX.

Academia: Image sharing and collaboration    

Problem:  Universities are increasingly utilizing networks of scientists to drive their research across all science areas.  Images are often captured and managed from a specific location while the analysis and scoring can be done from several different locations.

Solution: Research CentreX installs the archiving solution from BMI AB that gives them limitless distribution and archiving possibilities for all their images regardless where the network of scientists is located.

Benefit:  The University benefits from this since they will be able to share and collaborate around their images with great ease. This drives performance of their research but also the possibility to widen the collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical industry: Clinical Imaging Study management

Problem:  The Company PharmaX is running a multicenter clinical Imaging study globally. The images that are produced at the participating clinics needs to be analyzed by scientists located at several different locations.

Solution:  PharmaX installs the archiving solution from BMI AB that gives them limitless distribution and archiving possibilities for all their images regardless of where the image producers and image analysts are located.

Benefit:  There are multiple benefits for the sponsor. First it gives PharmaX access to their images and full control over the complete image assets from the study, and secondly, it gives them full flexibility of how and where the image analysis is done. 

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